- About Us

Story Capital is an investment firm that specializes in building enduring enterprises through technology transformation. With our deep expertise in building technology businesses and hands-on investment strategy, we guide companies through pivotal transformations. Our goal is to unlock significant value by leveraging technology to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and launch innovative products – ultimately increasing equity value.

Our Team

As a mix of seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and product builders, we are uniquely positioned to add value from Day 0. Our expertise in product development, engineering, GTM, capital allocation and M&A equips us to immediately deliver comprehensive support, foster rapid growth and unlock efficiency for companies who are looking to transform their business through technology.

What We Look For

With the aim of super-charging profitable growth, we target companies that demonstrate resilience, mission-critical solutions, and operational readiness for transformation. Our approach is not just about financial investment; our experience enables us to deeply embed ourselves with our companies and operators, from diving into code for product launch to building complementary teams to unlock untapped opportunities.

Tech or Tech-Enabled
$3M - 10M+ EBITDA
Majority stake w/ 30%+ rollover
Global, focused in N. America

Work With Us

At Story Capital, we don’t just invest in your business; we invest in opportunities for profound change. Our mission is to unlock your business’ full potential by turning technological innovation into a cornerstone of your growth and market leadership. Let us build on your "Story" together.

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  • New York, NY
  • Palo Alto, CA