- Shuo Zheng

Co-Founder & General Partner

Shuo leads the firm's investments and technology transformation theses. He is an engineering & product leader with a proven track record building technology products from zero-to-launch and establishing product-market fit. Before Story, Shuo was the founding Head of Product/Engineering at Brigit, creating data-driven credit products for financially underserved Americans. Since launch, Brigit has reached 5m+ users, saved members from over $500m in bank fees, and has been featured in the Top 10 Finance apps in the App Store and Google Play. While there, he established technical and organizational foundations underpinning product analytics, marketing attribution, and production engineering practices across the stack.

Before Brigit, Shuo solved tera-/petabyte scale data problems at Palantir – optimizing drug supply-chain operations in China, modeling nation-wide CPG distribution in the US.

Shuo graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in computer science and economics.

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